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About Us

Family owned and operated

Over 30000+ New Products Each Week

Our bins are restocked with all your favorites every WEEK!  Our items are NEW and from Amazon overstock, Target overstock and more.

Our Prices Drop all Week
Check out our Bin Schedule to see the price of the day!


When is $1 Day?

IN EUGENE: Tuesdays from 5pm -7pm IN SPRINGFIELD: SATURDAYS 5-7PM everything is $1 and the Club Thrift Plus items are 50% off.

Does Everyone Go In At The Same Time?

Yes, everyone can enter at the same time. Please be courteous, there is no pushing or shoving allowed. If you do, you will be asked to leave.

My Kids Like To Shop, Can They Come Too?
Everyone is welcome to shop at Club Thrift! We ask that you please keep your children close, remember this is a retail store not a playground.

How Do I Pay?
When you are finished shopping for your treasures, you can bring your items to the register. We accept card and cash payments.

Can I Open An Item To Look At It?

No, DO NOT OPEN items or boxes on your own! Please bring items to the register for an employee to open item for you.  This is strictly enforced  ASK US HOW TO SCAN AN ITEM ON YOUR AMAZON APP! 

What If I Buy Something And Decide I Don’t Want It Afterwards?
All Sales are final, no exchanges or returns...If something doesn't work, we will be happy to replace it with any new item in the store with in 14 days of original purchase with reciept.  

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